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It was a love/hate relationship with that little toy sewing machine my mom gave me for Christmas.  It had a very impressive little wooden drawer to store my stuff, but it never actually stitched anything together.  Mostly it just broke thread and hearts (especially mine).  


Fast forward to the age of responsibility — studying French at Baylor and New York University and the Sorbonne in Paris and the University of Texas and the University of Maryland.  Working in the aerospace industry in Saudi Arabia, Torrance and Fullerton, California.  Serving as Director of Purchasing in a school district, where I discovered database creation.  Seems unrelated to sewing, but it is a creative exercise.  Lots of choosing of colors, fonts, shapes and placements.  Keeping track of data was good, but the layout mode was the fun.  


Finally, retirement and a move to McKinney, Texas, where I attended yoga classes in the quaint old downtown area, mainly to avoid a future of couches and doughnuts.  One day, a new quilt shop opened next door to yoga!  Good karma had found me.  I signed up for beginner’s quilting the day the doors opened and discovered that what I had always wanted to do was create art from a palette of fabrics.  The colors, the feel of the fabric, the fact that leftovers can become a new, splendid and useful creation.  What could be better for a child of depression-era parents.  (Waste not, want not, and idle hands are the devil’s workshop.)


Quilts are fabulous as they tell stories, celebrate babies, cheer the sick and chase away a chill.


I would love to share with you the beautiful look, feel and heritage of quilts.  



I grew up with a mother who was clothing designer which meant that our house was filled with chests of fabric.  I remember playing with fabric early on and thinking of things to make.  But our commercial sewing machine sewed way too fast for me, so I didn't learn to sew until after I was married.  Oh my!  Now I could really play!  The colors and shapes were enticing and it quickly became an obsession.  Fabric and colors are addicting.  One can never have too much fabric, right?


My business career brought me to the casino industry.  As a Vice President of Gaming and Operations, I wore many hats.  Selling was a given, but sales won't happen unless the uniform design is outstanding, ties into the theme and wears well.  Helping our design team understand, be creative, and introduce new fabrics was fun and made us the innovator and leader for the industry.  That career was satisfying, but after retirement, I knew quilting was my passion.  I bought a rather expensive sewing machine as a present for myself.  I've been sewing and creating ever since.  It's my happy place.  Hope you enjoy my creations as much as I've enjoyed putting them together.

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